MSSU African Art Exibit : The MSSU African Art collection features a variety of authentic works of art from various tribes located throughout Central Africa. The objects in the collection range from mundane day to day grooming tools to ritualistic masks and statues.
Male Fetish Figure
Object Name:
Figure, Fetish
Other Name:
Figure, Fetish, Male
Place of Origin:
Yaka / Teke, Congo, Africa
Aboriginal Indigenous Art.
H = 14"
W = 4"
D = 4"

The majority of Yaka figures were carved in pairs and were associated with Mbwoolo shrines. Their abdomen are usually hollow, enabling the insertion of fetish material and they are also adorned with bundles of paraphernalia. Yaka figures are multi—functional and sometimes have contradictory roles, for example, they were used to heal and to cause illness.

Barquart, P. 184. The Tribal Arts of Africa.

Possibly a Matomba Teke Figure. Matomba figures carry a barrel—shaped Bilongo and have apotropaic functions.

Barquart, P. 132. The Tribal Arts of Africa. (Picture 2)
Standing male fetish figure with large crescent—shaped headdress on top of elongated oval—shaped head. Large bulgy eyes with black centers, large crescent—shaped ears, long wedge—shaped nose. Small protruding slit mouth, scarification on each cheek below eyes, short cylindrical neck. Body wrapped in buff—colored cloth with traces of orange. Small male phallic symbol, thin bent legs with large wedge—shaped feet, brown legs, black face.
Finley Collection
Wood W/Cloth, Paint, Fetish Material and Metal
Ritually Used
Carving / Painting
Art Department, MSSU
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