MSSU African Art Exibit : The MSSU African Art collection features a variety of authentic works of art from various tribes located throughout Central Africa. The objects in the collection range from mundane day to day grooming tools to ritualistic masks and statues.
Horse and Rider
Object Name:
Figure, Horse and Rider
Other Name:
Figure, Wood
Place of Origin:
Senufo, Ivory Coast, Africa
Aboriginal Indigenous Art.
H = 14"
W = 4"
D = 9"
Male figure seated on saddle, astride four—legged horse with slightly dropped head in front. Long straight tail, four straight legs with hooves, short neck, erect ears, long muzzle, large eyes. Figure with oval—shaped head, protruding jaw, round hat with knob on front. Short tail at back of neck in back, bulgy eyes, long upturned nose. Protruding full lips, scarification at corner of lips and cheeks. Cylindrical neck, long boneless bent arms holding reigns, right hand holding secpter. Short boneless bent legs, black patina over entire surface.
Finley Collection
Wood W/Patina
Ritually Used
Carving / Painting
Art Department, Missouri Southern State University
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