MSSU African Art Exibit : The MSSU African Art collection features a variety of authentic works of art from various tribes located throughout Central Africa. The objects in the collection range from mundane day to day grooming tools to ritualistic masks and statues.
Benue River Area, Sukwava Shoulder Mask
Object Name:
Mask, Shoulder, Yoke, Sukwava
Other Name:
Benue River Area — Mumuye, Waja, Jukun
Place of Origin:
Benue River Area, Nigeria, Africa
Aboriginal Indigenous Art.
H = 13"
W = 5"
D = 4"

The Mumuye have shoulder or yoke masks, known as Sukwava, which displays an elongated neck set under a diminutive head with large ears. Traditionally, they were used during pre—war ceremonies, but nowadays they are worn during rain—making and healing practices.

Peoples such as the Mumuye, the Chamba, the Jukun, the Wurkun and the Montol live along the Benue River in eastern Nigeria,

Wooden oval—shaped face, with protruding circular eyes, protruding wedge—shaped nose, protruding full lips and grooved bearded chin. Large hanging rectangular—shaped ears, with hallow rectangular openings in the center. Long cylindrical neck, wrapped in woven grass, with protruding circular nub, in center of neck. Woven grass hanging down from neck, around lower front portion of mask. Large square opening in top central area of lower front portion of mask, as well as four small circular holes running down either side. Open hallow rectangular central portion of mask, open bottom. Entire wooden surface covered in dark brown patina.
Guy Mace Collection, (Turblex Company)
Wood W/Woven Grass and Patina
Ritually Used
Carving / Weaving / Painting
Art Department, Missouri Southern State University
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